Rewards Program


At 180 Nutrition we really value our customers and their health. We would like to offer our loyal customers* reward points for their purchases which they can then redeem for products. For example for every 1.5kg bag of 180 Natural Protein Superfood you buy you will receive 10 rewards points. You need 100 points to redeem a 1.5kg bag, so you get the 11th bag FREE!

See the table below which outlines the rewards points received when purchasing a product and the points you need to redeem a product.

*Customer account needed to gain points.

Reward Points

Product Reward Points Redemption
180 Natural Protein Superfood - 750g Bags 5 50 Points
180 Natural Protein Superfood - 1.5kg Bags 10 100 Points
180 Natural Protein Superfood - 4.5kg Bags 26 260 Points
180 Superfood Bars - 12 x 45g Bars 6 60 Points
180 WOD Bars - 10 x 60g Bars 7 70 Points
Monkey Bites 4 40 Points
Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate - 1kg Bag 8 80 Points
Organic Madagascan Vanilla Powder 4 40 Points
Organic Peruvian Cacao Powder 3 30 Points
Greens Plus Powder 8 80 Points
Clean Eating Transformation Program 10 100 Points
180 T-Shirts 4 40 Points
180 Hoodies 8 80 Points
180 Tote Bag 4 40 Points
Note: Reward points are not available on all starter packs and boxes of 180 Superfood due to the existing discount that already exists.

How to Redeem Your Rewards Points

Redeeming your rewards points is easy, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your account using 'My Account' at the top of the screen

  2. Place your order as usual
  3. Click on the black shopping cart total button and select 'View Cart'

  4. Enter your points in the 'Use Reward Points' box as shown below
  5. Your rewards points will now be deducted from your order total

Want to Know More About Our Rewards Points

Drop us a line on our contact form here to find out more.


Guy Lawrence & Stuart Cooke
Founders, 180 Nutrition